We see you. Over there in that hot peekaboo piece you’ve been sporting this summer, that is. I’ll say it again: It’s boiling outside. Never will you encounter a better or more appropriate time to rock a gutsy cutout garment. I also see some of you over there… wagging your fingers. But why not? Show some extra skin. And, the best part, in sometimes unexpected places…

Sure, cutouts can be intimidating. The whole ‘UNDERGARMENTS?!’ thing freaks people out, I get it. But think about it, I’m pretty sure we’ve never been at a point where, for example, the bra showing thing has been more acceptable than right now. These days, you can let your sultry-siren-freak-flag fly higher than ever (and still have it all be considered mildly ‘acceptable’). You can rock a dress with, literally, chunks cut out of it. This trend even somehow makes swimwear sexier, it’s crazy. What could be better than a coral bustier top, you ask? Why, one with cutouts in the back, of course!

In a perfect world, I’d be handling this situation by stocking up on Versace and by snagging that Mara Hoffman silk kaftan I’ve been drooling over; but, sadly, the world in which we live is far from perfect. We at VG did manage, however, to track down some worthy picks that aren’t quite so hard on the pocketbook…

Take a peek.

1. Versus by Versace Pleated Satin Cutout Dress, $2,495
2. American Apparel Grid Print Strapless Cutout Swimsuit, $45
3. Mara Hoffman Embroidered Story Maxi Kaftan, $420
4. Sparkle & Fade Cutout Bustier Top, $54 (Not pictured)
5. Jonathan Saunders Roselle Block-Color Jersey Mini Dress, $169
6. Topshop Multi Mixed Floral Print Cutout Shirtdress, $92

CAUTION: This trend has been known to give birth to some seriously hideous creations. It’s important to proceed with confidence, but when in doubt… just don’t.



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