Daily Archives: 08.10.2011


Asphyxiating corsets, leather and chain harnesses, body-clinging latex dresses… you don’t have to be an ass-kicking S&M domme to appreciate or even don fantasy-driven fetish pieces such as these, but we do suggest that you bring a fearless attitude with suspension-pierced cojones to match. As we say our final saddened adieus to Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, we can’t help but reminisce over the late great’s Fall 2009 RTW Collection (my personal favorite), the hauntingly beautiful women who walked it (and by hauntingly beautiful, I mean absolutely terrifying–these women will eat your insides for dinner or just for fun and you will of course, enjoy it), and the sadomasochistic/goth influences that seasoned this collection (and countless others of his), bringing these subcultures to light in a way that no other designer ever has.

In celebration of Lee Alexander McQueen, the closing of Savage Beauty, and the immortal contributions he has made to the world of fashion and beyond, we present to you the handmade creations of several emerging designers who have tapped into a vein that we believe McQueen himself would lend a nod of approval to.

I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things. –LAM

1. Antiseptic Fashion Sima Leather Harness, $400
2. Antiseptic Fashion Acedia Leather Corset, $600
3. Antiseptic Fashion Hypsipyle Leather Corset and Pastie, $620
4. Misfit Leather Leather and Chain Wings, $165

5. HMS Latex Circle Halter Dress, $211 (Not pictured)
6. HMS Latex Cage Dress, $294
7. HMS Latex Bang Bang Top, $329

Runway photographs provided courtesy of nymag.com