It’s true that the face of modeling is only growing younger–but how young is too young? In America’s quest for the proverbial fountain of youth, we seem to have also taken on a slight, converse obsession with accelerating the aging process of our dear daughters gracing the spotlight. Prime example: LOVE Magazine recently caught some heat on the interwebs for its set of three covers featuring Chloë Moretz (14), Elle Fanning (13), and Hailee Steinfeld (14–and the new face of Miu Miu), all with the words discipline, obsession, and desire spattered atop the girls’ ethereal facades. Hmmm…

And, if you think that’s bad, wait till you get a load of TEN-YEAR-OLD French model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. Yes, TEN. First off, I can acknowledge that this young girl is truly beautiful, bears a strong resemblance to Brigitte Bardot (who, for the record, started modeling when she was only 15), and is an amazing model with a piercing presence. That said, I can’t help but find her January editorial in French Vogue anything but mildly disturbing. Some say it’s simply the co-editor of the issue, Tom Ford, trying to push the envelope (what else is new) in order to find new ways of presenting and evoking couture, but this comes off more like ‘cou-tor-ture’ and, well, frankly… fodder for fashionable pedophiles. From a plunging neckline amidst layers of leopard print sheets to a nearly crotch-grazing slit with too-big stiletto heels, this is one shoot perhaps better suited for someone who, uh, maybe even so much as FITS the clothing? Contrarily, Miss Blondeau looks adorable and every bit age appropriate on the cover of Vogue Enfant (Kids Vogue), sans overtly sexualized makeup and hair styling—imagine that.

Now, that all said, what we’d like to know is: Where you do weigh in on this?

Photos from Vogue provided courtesy of
Photos of Hailee, Elle, and Chloë provided courtesy of




  1. Ten year olds are children. Dressing them up to look like they are 20 year olds is wrong! Great article, Natalie! Cris 🙂

  2. oh jesus, this is perverse and ripe with pedophilia. yeah i guess the photographers can make a statement, but at the cost of appealing to child molesters? i mean who are the pictures for? they aren’t selling the clothes to women who would actually buy them. im not gonna look at a low cut dress on a 10 year old and think, wow she looks great in that i gotta have it. so the question again is, who is the directed audience?


  3. Where do I weigh in on this? Exactly the same as you do, and thanks for the eye-opening, albeit disturbing, report.

  4. kids should be kids…and look their age…c’mon fashion- get with it

  5. A little too JonBenét for my taste.

    x Stephanie

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