Name a model sexier than Lara Stone.

Let’s be real, a bangin’ (never was this word more appropriate) face + body combo such as Miss Stone’s is a rare and awe-inspiring thing (Cindy Crawford, anyone?) and its translation into fashion pictorial form is just short of magnificent. I have always admired and appreciated Lara’s particular variety of this elusive pairing. To me, she is a picture perfect specimen in that she is hot in addition to being Vogue-worthy beautiful. And that gap? The glorious pièce-de-résistance atop a sweet sundae of editorial delight…

To say Lara Stone photographs well is absurdly obvious–she’s got that look which is at the same time striking and universally appealing. Lara can take Calvin Klein runway collections to the high-fashion summit they must attain, but she also manages to maintain (if not set the bar for) the fashion house’s infamous, supped-up-sex-appeal in lingerie spreads that move the masses. And that’s not as easy as you might think…

My love for LS is no secret, but it was actually the Dutch-born beauty (and her bodacious, 100% natural bust) in the recent CK Naked Glamour lingerie ads that literally made me pause and gawk—for like five minutes. If this doesn’t sell underwear, I don’t know what will. In fact, is there any better pairing of words to describe Lara than naked and glamour? She’s got that duality of the salacious, fleshy bod men want and the glam, show-stopping allure women kill for. Is it any wonder that she was also chosen to be the face of Tom Ford’s new beauty line… alongside Tom Ford himself? Dunno about you, but something tells me Mr. Ford knows how to pick himself a leading lady…



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