By now we’re sure you’ve all heard of the latest controversy to rattle the fashion world–the debut of The Row’s $39K crocodile skin backpack has bloggers all over the internet hammering away at their keyboards furiously, most of which are taking personal affront to the astronomical price tag attached to MKA’s newly unveiled ‘it’ accessory for fall.

Personally speaking, we at VG can’t help but feel just a tiny bit humored by the entire spectacle and chalk up this sensationalist ploy to none other than smart marketing. (If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the fashion biz, it’s that ya can’t hate on a hustle like MKA’s.) Proof-in-point: Who in the fashion industry isn’t talking about The Row right now? And as if all this free publicity and buzz weren’t enough, it’s been reported that a few heavy-pocketed dingbats out there have already pre-ordered some of these Luxury-with-a-capital-L backpacks.

We don’t know about you, but $39K for a handbag of any sort, for us, is without a doubt eternally out-of-reach and the ‘justification’ that these are multi-seasonal bags doesn’t really cut it in persuading us otherwise. However, golf claps to the twins on this one–we salute you.

From one normie to another, here are a few stylish, fraction-of-the-cost alternatives that’ll keep you ‘off the streets’ and perfectly on-trend for the fast-approaching (at least in Retailsville) fall season.

Clockwise from top-left: Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler-2 Backpack, $268; Tilly’s Cvetzalan Mini Backpack, $16; Shelter Protects You Rolston Backpack, $138; Santoki Vintage Wool and Leather Backpack, $195

Not pictured: Good Style Vintage Leather Backpack, $34; Butterfly Kisses Vintage Leather Tapestry Backpack, $49

Photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley provided courtesy of


  1. laurenconradfans1

    Ahhh the bag is gorgeous!

    Lauren Conrad FANS @

    Mwah X

  2. For that much loot, it’d better be! (:

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