I am a sunglasses hoarder.

I love them in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to purchase a new pair of shades to commemorate my trip. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve perhaps bitten off a little more than I can chew with a vast collection of sunglasses to pair with numerous wardrobe choices. But I make do. But because of this, I am asked by a lot of people how I know which pairs are right for me. It’s no secret that we all love a solid pair of shades that compliment our face–and closet–but I’m here today to help you decide which pairs are ideal for your specific face shape.

First, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, Is my face round, square, oval, or heart-shaped? Sure, there are a million types of shapes and facial features in this world, but these four are the most popular. The trick for finding the perfect pair of shades for any face is simple: Determine your face shape and then go for the opposite shape of glasses–you can’t go wrong. Ready? Let’s do this.

Square faces are angular and feature a strong jaw line. If your face is square-shaped, you probably have a broad forehead and square chin. Your features are most likely proportional and prominent. Because of how angular your facial features are, try any pair that is oval or round to soften your naturally distinct features. Avoid, obviously, square frames and geometric shapes, which can overextended the angles of your face, and I promise, you won’t be dissapointed.
We recommendthese two-toned circle shades from Nasty Gal.

Round faces are proportional in length and width but carry more curvaceous cheeks and chins. Your full cheeks and subtle features make it a little bit trickier to pick out a pair of sunglasses that won’t make your face appear bigger than it really is. Try anything angular to counteract your curvy features. Think wayfarers (which I believe look good on anyone) and any rectangle or square frames, which will make your face look longer and leaner. Steer clean of small frames, widening colors (white, beige), and curved lenses. Again, you can’t go wrong if you just remember to go for the opposite shape of your face.
We recommendthese cool wayfarer-style sunnies from Forever 21.

Heart-Shaped faces are so sweet. With a broad forehead and narrow chin, your features are easy to complement but can sometimes be awkwardly accentuated with the wrong pair of glasses. Strong cheek bones are a bittersweet feature to have when it comes to choosing the right pair of shades; they work with many narrow and round frames, but can be a pain in the butt when you just want to rock your mom’s vintage 70s oversized frames. Never fear, there are plenty of awesome bottom-heavy styles that will complement your forehead and give the appearance of a wider chin. Stay away from styles that are embellished or thicker at the top. They will only exaggerate your widest feature and draw attention away from your lips and chin.
We recommendthese ‘Hibiscus Hottie’ sunglasses from ModCloth.

Oval faces are the type of face shape that everyone wishes they could have. Your features are perfectly proportionate, boasting high cheek bones and a slightly narrow chin. Almost any style of sunglasses works for your face shape; wide, round, small, square–whatever you desire you can probably pull off. My only advice to all you oval-shaped ladies is to avoid supersized shades, which can sometimes overpower your lovely features. True, they may be cool, but we won’t be able to see that stunning face if we’re too busy staring at big, bug-eyed lenses.
We recommend: these Cat Eye Glasses–for less than $10–from Forever 21.

So have at it! The next time you’re out shopping for a new pair of shades, remember these tricks of the trade and you’re guaranteed to find a perfect match to complement your already naturally beautiful face.




  1. You left out potato shaped! What I am to do? Am I really stuck with tiny yellow round ones?

  2. laurenconradfans1

    I LOVE big square sunglasses that are huge for your face! 🙂

    Will happily subscribe to your blog

    Lauren Conrad FANS @ http://www.laurenconradfans1.wordpress.com

    Mwah X

  3. Elizabeth- I bet a nice cat eye pair of sunglasses would look beautiful on your pretty face! Try anything that is “top heavy” i.e. larger at the top of the frame to draw attention up and away from the widest point on your face. Hope this helps, thanks for reading ❤

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