I looooove me some Doo.Ri. A Korean-American and New Jersey native who kicked her career into top gear by opening up shop in the basement of her parents’ dry cleaning business, Doo Ri Chung, the woman behind the label, has the whole luxurious comfort thing down pat, her most recent 2012 resort collection and fall 2011 collection (one of my personal favorites of the season) being no exception…

Here’s the thing: Chung is a master-draper, making a name for herself in large part thanks to the wear-ability (and, in my opinion, perfection) of her draped jersey dresses. I am a huge fan of these pieces, which are as sexy as they are practical; although, I will admit, my very favorite look from the 2011 DR resort show is by far the ensemble consisting of the leather bolero + trench dress + patterned leggings–a truly smashing trinity of proportion and design aesthetic that practically brings a tear to my discerning eye. I’ve got to throw in, too, that I’ve spotted many a pop of red in more than a few recent collections, but the rich yet crisp shade chosen by DR to cover an effortlessly glorious pleated maxi might be my favorite so far. This dress is seriously stunning.

True, color may not exactly be the first word that comes to mind when you think of Doo.Ri. Chung is certainly not shy in showing favoritism when it comes to subdued (ok fine, what some might call boring) color palettes. However, she still has a few tricks up her sleeve! I am really digging how Chung infuses her fall 2011 collection with shots of deep, regal blue (which instantly ups the classy quotient, if you ask me), and the geometric forms of so many of these pieces appear to lock together with such ease. She makes it all seem so, well, easy. What I really respect about Doo.Ri is that it’s a label with a strong sense of self—nothing is forced. Chung is quite conscious of her strengths and uses them to their fullest extent, full speed ahead; Doo.Ri knows exactly to whom it caters (think the Donna Karan crowd), and does so magnificently and consistently, never trying to be something it’s not. The result? Cool, clean, confident collections almost overflowing with pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Why don’t we just leave it at that…

Runway photos provided courtesy of style.com


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