While most of us undoubtedly still have a lot more hot weather ahead to brave, there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead and starting to stow some money away for a pair of amazing tights by Les Queues de Sardines. I know that once those temperatures start to drop, and the summer sun is all but a distant memory, this quirky legwear will certainly be keeping my gams warm…

Made in France, these microfiber stockings are all hand-printed, come in limited quantities, and feature some impressive graphic designs that I can guarantee you won’t see on just anyone’s legs. My top pick? Bonny.

These babies are difficult to find in the US, so your best bet is trying an online store like UK-based Engimatic, which happens to carry a wide selection of Les Queues de Sardines items and which also offers free international shipping!

All $64, clockwise from top-left: Agnathe, Bonny, Orbi, Disco Zeus, Polly



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