Attention all you model wannabes with smart phones:

Now’s your chance to put technology to work for your career (via your face) and get… digitally scouted. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering WTF I’m talking about, and quite frankly, I’m right there with you. Seeing as I do not have a smart phone and haven’t really gotten any concrete feedback about this ‘app’ yet, I actually don’t know what to think of it other than… what is the modeling world coming to?

Download it at your own risk and then upload a photo of yourself to be analyzed in order to rate your very own ‘model potential.’ If your ratio is good enough (according to what exactly, I wonder), you will be honored by having your pic seen, and simultaneously scrutinized, by Select Model Management‘s booking agents… ? IS THIS REALLL? I mean, Select does represent some pretty hip, high-paid models, from Agnyess Deyn and Caroline Trentini to Irina Lazareanu and Stella Tennant—and that’s just a taste of the company’s illustrious roster.

Get your hands on the Model Potential app here, and then, please, tell us WTF this is all about!



  1. Sara Williamson

    I downloaded this and Select have emailed me to ask if I can go and see them in person, in London! Eeeeekkkk. So exciting. WIsh me luck!

  2. Wow, awesome! Success story numero uno. Best of luck, Sara! KNOCK ‘EM DEAD! ♥

  3. no way! tell us all the deets!

  4. p.s. this app is for iphones only. :/

  5. Heidi Turner

    amazing app! I got a good ratio. So much fun, I’ve been doing it on all my friends xxxx

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