Hey, dudes! Are you tired of wearing the same ol’ screenprint tee your girlfriend bought you two summers ago? Are you wondering how you can re-up your wardrobe without killing your wallet and/or looking like a jerk? Well, have no fear, FreshMeltWater is here! This Philly-based design collective offers up hip collections for guys (and gals) that are sure to last you a lifetime. The label’s innovative approach to design is influenced by all your favorite street-wear trends, successfully fusing cutting edge graphics with classic wardrobe essentials

We’re especially keen on the newest summer collection, Hope Fiend, a sickly-sweet collaboration between illustrator Sean MRG and the FMW brand. Each tee and tank reflects Sean’s unique aesthetic while also paying homage to the essence of local Philly street style. Throw in the talents of photographer Bobby Whigham and Cole Mohr for that lookbook, and you have yourself one super rad summer collection that will leave the ladies beggin’ for more.

Get the Hope Fiend collection while you still can on Karmaloop. Believe us when we say, your lady will be glad you did.


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