Ok, I’ll admit to not having much of a sweet tooth–at least compared to the average (or is it stereotypical?) chocolate-crazed female consumer. But… I am only human. So the answer is yes–yes, the mouth-watering macarons of Paris’s renowned pastry palace, Ladurée, indeed have me dreaming of mind-blowing mastication (and much more) just as much as the next chick…

And the colors—ohhhh, the colors! This is food porn at its greatest, my friends. I could literally look at these pallet-pleasing palettes all day; Ladurée offers up its signature treats in almost every color of the rainbow–just wait, you’ll be having food fantasies in five different colors at a time. True, bold brights are big this season (and Ladurée’s got those too), but pastels have been cornering their fair share of the market as well, especially when it comes to beauty. So give the orange lip gloss a rest and opt for a powdery pink pout (un pétale de rose, s’il vous plait !) or, pay serious tribute to this pâtisserie paradis by rocking its signature minty green shade (pistache!) on those nail tips for a change. Oh, and that darling little cotton-candy-colored top? Supersweet.

In addition, squeals were heard the world over when I discovered that Ladurée also sells a collection of home and beauty items,* including scented candles, eau de parfum, bath gel, bath salts, soaps, and more. And let me tell you: If you are even the slightest bit of a sucker for packaging (and boy am I ever), be prepared to meet your match made in fashionable foodie heaven. Whether your treat of choice ultimately ends up being edible or not, this is some serious Parisian product that is almost too pretty too eat. Almost.

Bon appétit !
*Click here for information on where to purchase in the US.

Other items pictured:
RGB Nail Polish in Minty, $16
Lime Crime Opaque Nude Lipstick in Coquette, $16
Topshop Light Pink Sleeveless Twist Front Blouse, $60



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