Updating your closet for summer? Don’t forget the jammie drawer, girl. Sure, you may be set for all those music fests and midsummer nights’ barbeques but what about when you’re lounging around in bed, or just chillin’? I don’t know about you, but when I get home, especially when it’s friggin’ boiling outside, the work clothes come right off and the comfy clothes go right on, usually in the form of pjs <cough> excuse me, loungewear. And darlin’, those flannel pajama pants? They just ain’t gonna cut it come July…

Lately, we’ve been spying some seriously cute summer sleepwear, especially in the form of sweet little pairs of shorts. I love how these pieces are feminine functional mixed in with just the right amount of girlie and sexy so that you can putz around chez toi and get stuff done (without your ass hanging out), yet look cute.

So get your shut-eye and still look fly, because let’s face it, if you’re breaking a sweat in bed, we can only hope it ain’t because of your choice in sleepwear…

Sweet dreams!
1. Sandmaiden Sleepwear Hankerchief Linen Wrap Around Boxer Shorts, $44
2. Lemon Pippin Love Pretty Cream Lace Shorts, $22
3. Chantal Thomass Champagne Silk Satin Shorts, $235*
4. Juicy Couture Chevron Side Tie Short, $25 (On sale!)
5. Carine Gilson Egérie Silk-Satin Shorts, $510*
6. Bodas Cotton-Sateen Pajama Shorts, $57*
7. Topshop Peach Gingham PJ Shorts, $28*

*Items pictured above


  1. Interesting read. It seems that regardless of the type of sleepwear that women wear they want a sense of style and comfort. Thanks for posting.

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