Imagine being invited to the most prestigious of garden tea parties… just how would you dress for such an occasion?

Well, the good news is you won’t have to trouble yourself with that question for much longer since we’re here to tell you that your answer lies in the brilliant shop of 19-year-old New Zealand designer Kelsey Genna.

Delicate, demure, romantic and ‘light,’ Genna’s latest collection entitled Begonia House encompasses everything a fine young (and fashionable) lady could ever hope to wear, fitting occasion provided or not. In this collection you’ll find tulle–in fact, there’s a lot of it (Read: This isn’t for the shy of tulle), textured appliques, spilling frills, floral motifs galore and of course that super cute scalloped detailing that we’re straight suckers for.

Each piece is handmade-to-order. This meaning, not only will you be looking adorable-to-the-max clothed head-to-toe in Kelsey Genna (We’d break The Rule just for her), but all of it will fit like a (very well decorated) glove too! Just know this, most of the Begonia House styles will be made in limited editions of ten–so, if you really have your heart set on a particular piece, swoop in for the kill while you still can because it’s only a matter of time before this designer-prodigy blows up big.

One final remark. The photography and styling for the Begonia House shoot? We have no other words but superb


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