After three years of selling exclusively to a receptive and devout Etsy following, Marañón, (also known as Lorena Barriento) one of my favorite independent jewelry designers, has taken to the world wide interwebs to launch a brand new, attractively designed website to call her very own.

Unveiled along with it? Her vivid and colorful, optical illusion-heavy, hand-embroidered Spring/Summer 2011 Collection full of splendid, handmade wares. Each piece in this collection, saturated in cheerful tropical hues, is sure to brighten up and quickly become the focal point of any summertime ensemble lucky enough to be put to the test.

Having frequented her shop in the past, I can vouch for these ‘jewels’ as off-the-bat conversation pieces that are sure lure in an inquisitive-type gaze or two.  And to address a certain concern that I’m sure is whirling around in your head–yes, these pieces are extremely resilient, made with great care, and will withstand the test of time and wear if taken care of properly…

That being said, I can’t think of anything else right now that you need more than a few of these:

Guajira Necklace, $160; Cometas Earrings, $58

Aros Necklace, $128; Gitana Necklace, $128

Cinzel Necklace, $60; Tresor Necklace, $128

Parejas Earrings, $55; Zambita Bracelet, $76

Gestapel Necklace, $140; Razdel Necklace, $168

All images courtesy of



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