Tap into that refined ruffian side you’ve been hiding and snag yourself a pair of Mosley Tribes specs for the summer. I find there’s always that conundrum of wanting a sweet pair of sunnies, but not wanting to be either a walking advertisement or a walking trend disaster. The search can be hard.

I’ll admit it: I wear the same pair of gold Rayban aviators everyday, even though I have many other pairs—I just can’t quit them. I have had a hard time branching out. However, after looking around the Mosley Tribes site, and then trying on a few pairs in person, times, they may be a-changing. The fit of these sunglasses is impeccable. I see where the whole merging sport culture with high-end comes in. Prices are generally around the 200-dollar mark, maybe a smidge higher than what you’d hope, but not over-the-top insane expensive, so yes, I have been tempted… very tempted.

Founded in 2005 by Larry Leight, Creative Director of the famed luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, MT really does stay true to its mission of opening up luxury to the active lifestyle and performance worlds, and more importantly, in a way that really… works. Think of Mosley as Oliver’s hot, outdoorsy cousin (with an edge). Eh?

All $180: Burke; KadenaMerchant in spice brown gradient; Becker in magenta.

Photos provided courtesy of

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