Beyond the Valley continues on with its fascination with nature and polarized opposites in its Spring/Summer 2011 Collection entitled Cosmic Tropicalia. Boasting colorful, intricately designed fantasy landscape prints set against precious chiffons and silks, this is truly one of the most astonishingly original collections I’ve come across for this season.

Cosmic Tropicalia is composed of sweeping, graceful silhouettes intended to sit very relaxed on the body, accented by opposing structural elements. BTV also pays homage to the popular-again-kimono (and caftan) but trust when I say, you’ve never seen interpretations quite like these. Bold, graphic art prints of monkeys, birds and butterflies overlay my favorite pieces of the lot, some of them in jaw-dropping 3D form, and call to mind for me the naturalist illustrations found in Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature.

If you’re looking for fashion to get excited about for this summer, this is certainly it. The Ink Forest print is easily worthy of a gorgeous full-body tattoo suit–but if you’d rather spare yourself some of the pain, I’d recommend starting off with a few of these options instead:

1. Beyond the Valley 3D Bird Print Kimono, $312
2. Beyond the Valley Fringed Printed Dress, $233
3. Beyond the Valley Printed Smock Dress, $280
4. Beyond the Valley Ink Forest Print Dress, $280
5. Beyond the Valley Cropped Vest Top, $187

Images provided courtesy of beyondthevalley.com

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