Let’s all take a step back from all these flirty, girly trends, shall we, and really get down to the nitty-gritty. Sure, I’ll admit to loving a sweet little tea dress on a hot summer’s day, but I also love punkin’ out, summer style–especially in the city. Take a hint from Balmain’s S/S 2011 Collection: Stock up on studs and get ready to cut up your old clothes ’cause baby, being bad never looked so good…

Be the envy of every summer block party by dressing like the bad kitty every girl wish she could be. Mix animal prints, bright colors, and fun lipsticks while you simultaneously set the standard for alley cats the world over. PURRRRRRFECT.

Topshop Animal Print Bodycon Skirt, $50
Zara V-Neck Top, $40
Hive & Honey Studded Metal Wide Cuff, $22
Dr. Martens Blake Buckle Boot, $125
Forever 21 Animal Glasses, $6

Are you the kind of gal who doesn’t need anyone to tell her she looks good twice? Duh, it’s because your sick style sense is at work even in your sleep (or riding your bike to get a snow cone in 90-degree heat). Let’s face it: You don’t give a f*ck (or at least it seems that way) and you simply wear what happens to feel good to get through those dog days of summer—and it’s perfect, every time.

House of Stash High-Waisted Cut-Offs (in the brightest color you can find), $20
For your t-shirt, you’re going to take an old white tee, chop off the sleeves and scrawl on a design in fabric marker; OR, steal your boyfriend’s favorite band tee and cut it into little pieces; then, put it back together with safety pins–GET TO WORK!
Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor, $40
Forever 21 Square Wayfarers, $6

Get some serious side-eye sneaking backstage at all your favorite summer shows in this outfit. A little voice inside me is saying why not dress like this everyday, but alas, I gots to keep it F-R-E-S-H (and I gots a day job)…

Black Milk Wet Denim Leggings, $80
Jeffrey Campbell Ticket Bootie, $189
If you prefer flats, you can never go wrong with a solid pair of classic black Docs, $110
House of the Gods Jim Morrisson Tee, $75
Deepstyle Studded Leather Jacket, $190

Side note: If you’ve got cash galore, you can purchase an entire Balmain ensemble for about $1,300 from Bergdorf Goodman. Until then, Please bury me next to my baby/ Bury me in my leather jacket, jeans, and motorcycle boots

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