Have I got a tasty little treat to tell you about. It’s called Sunday Brunch and it’s… a dress shop. If you’re in search of a dress that will impress—with character—then look no further, ladies. You have arrived. First off, you should all know that this NYC-based online boutique holds true to the idea that a dress is about savoring life...

Off to a great start here, I marveled, reading these wise words. Sunday Brunch’s lucid heart and mind reveals itself pretty clearly on the boutique’s About page, but also within its actual inventory, which consists of nothing but unique–yet quite refined–dresses with distinct personality (check out those names). SB makes what would probably remain unburied treasure to most readily available to the masses at an inviting one-stop-special-shop that will have you double-booking breakfast just to find an excuse to splurge. My top picks for spring? Why, I thought you’d never ask:

1. The Kloset Nouveau Dress, $399
2. The Burlapp Blossom Dress, $178
3. The IVANAHelsinki Miss Moneypenny Dress, $395
4. The Mel en Stel Little Miss Muffet Dress, $356
5. The Burlapp This Carousel Life Dress, $183
6. The Nuj Novakhett Leighton Meester Dress, $164

Check out Sunday Brunch’s blog here.


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