Lest all you ladies forget—we men have seasonal style needs too! Sure, the whole equation may be a bit more… simple, but it is just as integral to our summer style survival. As far as I’m concerned, there are five key parts to braving boiling temps so as to not look like a hot mess and they go a little something like this:

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarers, $159
You just can’t go wrong with this retro/Jake Gyllenhaal to-die-for look. It’s Classic with a capital C–and I’m really loving the pop of color added to the interior of the frames. It’s all in the details. Make sure to check out the Ray-Ban website for tons of additional colors.

2. Lacoste Polos $95
I mean, it doesn’t really get any more cute or classic than this. Tie a bit of fun color into your ensemble by donning a striped polo and topping the look off with a pair of khaki shorts.

3. Tom’s Slip-Ons, $78
Hey now, Tom’s aren’t so boring anymore! The brand is now offering up a new line of more elaborately designed slip-ons that still maintain that classic Tom’s shape we all know and love. I can’t get enough of this playful Octopus motif!

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lo-Fi Weekender Bag, $278
Perfect for a stylish weekend at the beach! Whether you want it for the label (ADMIT IT) or for the sheer convenience and versatility, this bag has it all. I love the structure of this bag.

5. Acqua Di Parma Capri Orange Eau de Toilette, $110
Make that first impression count: Acqua Di Parma’s Mediterranean blend of Sicilian orange, mandarin, Sorrento lemon, and grapefruit will have you snagging your latest object of affection in no time flat. This cologne will be your best friend on a hot summer day!


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