If you bug out at the mere sight of creepy crawlies and other tiny winged creatures, well then, this bounty of Etsy goodies may not be the treasure you’re seeking…

Insect imagery has been adorning many a fashionable person since ancient Egyptian times (think unbelievable scarab pieces featuring gold and lapis lazuli), however, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that people actually began to wear real insects encased in resin. Not to worry, though–you certainly won’t find any of these guys wiggling around on your wrist, sternum, or finger. Instead, you’ll be able to ‘get in touch with nature’ without chancing any unwanted live encounters. Works for us!

1. Colony Collapse Real Bee Ring, $25*
2. Jewel Beetle Wing Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet, $165*
3. Real Moth Eye Wing Necklace, $35
4. Oxidized Brass Egyptian Scarab Cuff, $49*
5. Sacred Scarab Beetle Earrings, $13
6. Real Fly Resin Ring, $28*
7. Butterfly Wing Pendant, $30
8. Emerald Green Lucite Bracelet with Real Beetles, $75*
9. Yellow Beetle Wing Ring, $12
10. Exotic Beetle Lucite Bracelet, $60*

*Items pictured above


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