For those who know me well, it’s no secret I’ve had a huge girl crush on Jenny Lewis for the better part of ten years.  From the innocent twang of her voice to the beautiful arrangement of her somber yet saccharine lyrics–it was love at first listen. And, to top it all off, she has incredible, enviable style that I’ve been trying to emulate for almost as long as I’ve loved her…

Jenny has come a long way from her days as a sassy side-pony-sporting tween on Troop Beverly Hills, blossoming into America’s most beloved indie folk darling (and ex of Jake Gyllenhaal, might I add). Now, dissecting the duds of this retro redhead pose a bit of a challenge, as most of her frocks are straight up prize vintage finds. But every now and then, Jenny gives us something we can emulate–not duplicate– ’cause this lady, like her wardrobe, is truly one-of-a-kind.

Now grab your six-string and Wayfarers ‘cuz you’re ready to rock. ♥

Baby, I’m Bad News:
1. American Apparel Disco Shorts, $52
2. J. Crew Perfect Fit Henley Tank, $17 (On sale!)
3. Vintage Paloma Picasso Belt, $82* (Her actual belt!)
4. Pamela Mann Lurex Highball Tights, $16
5. 6×6 No. 6 Bow Wedge, $15 (On sale!)
6. Seasons Trading Gold Sequin Bow Tie, $2 (Pin it to the tank or string on a gold chain!)

*Too $$$? Try this Skinny Faux Leather Belt, $6

Photo of Jenny Lewis courtesy of



  1. Cool stuff, Natalie! Loved the Paloma Picasso belt! (The cheaper, faux, skinny belt was really sweet, too!) 🙂

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