I literally cannot get these Jil Sander floral motifs out of my mind. Designer Raf Simons has really outdone himself with the S/S 2011 collection. These printed pieces… they’re just so… bright and beautiful! Perfect for spring. I want all of this so, so bad. Even if merely a piece of it, in some form. All the other florals I see in stores and online I want to be these florals. I am obsessed. But what options do I have? Well, let’s see…

Can’t afford the three-thousand dollar twill skirt; and the 3,000-dollar maxi dress? Maybe next time. If I really lost my mind, I could throw the gorgeous silk twill bag (my ultimate fave–and $740) or the 400-dollar t-shirt on the ol’ credit card, but nopeI’m not going to do that. I’m just going to have to settle for an imposter. Err, excuse me, inspiration piece. And (sigh), I suppose there are a few worthy contenders out there that do indeed draw inspiration from this amazing collection–namely this French Connection Beau Fleur Print Dress, which may have to be placed at the top of my summer wishlist. I know… $218 is still no drop in the bucket, but at least it’s an option that won’t land me in jail or in bankruptcy.

1. Jil Sander Floral-Print Silk-Twill Skirt, $3,075
2. Jil Sander Flower-Print Silk Maxi Dress, $2,885
3. Jil Sander Market Floral-Print Silk-Twill Bag, $740
4. Jil Sander Floral-Print Cotton T-Shirt, $395
5. French Connection Beau Fleur Print Dress, $218

Runway photo courtesy of style.com


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