Think back to your childhood: Did you ever have a pair of denim overalls with an embroidered Disney character on them? I did, and I’m not so sure I want to relive anything remotely close to that time in my life. But it seems that this season, overalls can’t be escaped. They’re everywhere and in just about every color, pattern, and price point! Even after exploring the multitude of options that are being offered, and finding nary a Disney character in sight, I’m still a bit unsure about this trend. However, if done right, I believe a pair of overalls could make for a pretty fun addition to your summer wardrobe (but if executed wrong, you may risk causing some seriously traumatizing elementary school flashbacks). I think, for now, I’ll stick to being an overall spectator and let other stylish ladies sling these things over their shoulders. What do you think of the overalls trend? Outstanding, on-the-fence, or all-out offensive?

1. Forever 21 Rose Denim Overalls, $20
2. Adidas Skirt Overalls, $71
3. Arbor Finn Overalls, $72
4. Funktional Worker Overalls, $140
5. Maison Scotch Salopette Overall Jeans, $192
6. True Religion Jaelyn Overalls in Tennessee, $230
7. Majestic Mini Overalls, $238
8. Vena Cava Palm Overalls, $495
9. Behnaz Sarafpour Dark Denim Overalls, $735
10. Pendleton X Opening Ceremony Boxy Overalls, $920




  1. I think overalls can be somewhat forgiving for body shape/type, but show no mercy if you have to make many restroom trips during the day! But, thanks for bringing back childhood memories (when you could play all day without a bathroom in sight!) 🙂

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