Ladies, if you’re looking to go above-and-beyond in the lingerie department (and consequently, your love life too), we have a couple words of advice and they ain’t Victoria’s Secret. Get a little original under the sheets instead and try on a few irresistible handmade pieces by Hopeless Lingerie for size.

Crafted to perfection by Gabrielle Adamidis (Melbourne, Australia), Hopeless Lingerie specializes in made-to-order women’s lingerie and loungewear, designed to evoke the glamour of romantic eras past–with, of course, a delightfully modern twist. From soft bamboo jersey to lycra chiffon and dupion silk, Hopeless makes use of the most luxurious fabrics and manipulates them into bedtime-wear with a strictly business attitude that we think you’ll agree, is unparalleled in this price range.

If we had it our way, we’d probably clean house at Hopeless natural disaster style; however, good behavior dictates that we ‘save ourselves’ for their (oh-so-tantalizing) selection of high-waisted knickersfor now. With strategically-placed detail cutouts and too cute sheer peek-a-boo panels, this underwear has us wide-eyed and salivating, and we think it’s safe to say that we’re not alone.

Check it out for yourself, we’ve compiled our own list of do-no-wrong funderwear and fancy booby traps you’ll wanna scoop up pronto.

From top:
1. Betsey Coral and Black Silk Halter Bralette, $178
2. Cheryl Soft Cup Silk Satin Bra, $143
3. Ashley Chiffon Silk Cropped Camisole, $428
4. Ellen Red Silk Satin Halter Bralette, $155

To bottom:
1. Betsey Coral Modal Jersey Knickers, $72
2. Phoebe Jersey Cream High-Waisted Knickers, $67
3. Shelly Bamboo Jersey High-Waisted Knickers, $78
4. Linda Bamboo/Cotton/Spandex Jersey Knickers, $139




  1. wanna wear the first one

  2. Us too! Though, we’d gladly take them all. (;

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