Here in Philly, the best finds aren’t at the big ole’ chains. It’s no big surprise that housewares, art, jewelry, and clothes are all the more exciting when you find them in the most unexpected of places. That’s why I was so excited to walk through Lodge, at 177 West Girard, in Philadelphia. Now, before I sing its high praises, I’d like to preface this celebratory post with a teensy twinge of hate. Sometimes, trends can be a little stifling. The name Lodge itself tends to reflect a pretty specific trend–woodsy, hipster-flavored reverence for the country life and all of its woodland creatures. While I’m sure you’ve certainly seen your fair share of beautifying deer heads and crochet owl art lately, you haven’t seen it done like this: done affordably and without pretense. 

Shop owner and buyer Andrew Papoutsis likes to keep things on the cheaper side. First off, you’ll notice a marriage here with FreshMeltWater. Papoutsis still designs for the label and works on the marketing and website end of things for FMW as well. You’ll find smatterings of the label’s goods here, including its new summery collection, Hope Fiend. FMW recently landed a big-deal-model, Cole Mohr, to shoot some of the new looks and I have to say… they’re pretty damn fly.

At Lodge, you’ll also find vintage duds at affordable prices, right alongside new merchandise. I found a sweet pair of $20 Reebok casual sneakers that I’ll be wearing non-stop this summer. Some of the home goods are shockingly cheap: vintage mirrors for $30, clever folk art for even cheaper, vintage glassware and brand new pottery sets for about $15, and custom-built chests and tables for $100-$300. Clothing-wise it’s solidly bisexual, ladies, and Papoutsis’s girlfriend is definitely influencing his buying when it comes to girlie jewelry, shoes, and accessories.

Essentially, Lodge is more than just a place to buy clothes and cool housewares. Papoutsis plans on using the space to host future First Friday events, including art shows and the occasional live DJ or performance; and this summer, if you’re interested in starting your own fashion or design line, you should consider his Summer Camp. It’s a summer-long course taught by the man himself in which he’ll show you how to get going on your own clothing line (or whatever). Registration already opened at the end of April and each course (June, July, and August) is only $150 and will serve a maximum of ten people. For a deal, sign up for all three for $300 and you’ll be an expert in no time. Loads more details on his website, here.


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