The Solstice Mixtape, 2010-2011

In a world where social networking seems to dominate our conscious and subconscious, where we are all instantly gratified by sales, photos, and petty dramas, I sometimes wonder what will become of us when our web-wide livelihoods come to an end (if they ever do?). Will we all exist solely in our online minds? I will admit I do appreciate the broad spectrum of blogs, videos, and music that I have the privilege of accessing on a daily basis thanks to computers. Mostly because this allows me to escape my overworked, underpaid daily routine for free by exploring artists, bands, and history of all sorts, right here online. 

Tame Impala T-Shirt Design, 2011

Enter Leif Podhajsky, who I stumbled upon after stalking but does it float just earlier this week. 

Lykke Li Album Artwork, 2011

To me, Podhajsky’s digital art is a pretty sweet sign of the times. And I’m not the only one. His quirky manipulations of everyday objects and original prints have caught the eye of major record labels, recording artists (Lykke Li, Tame Impala), and numerous galleries around the globe. In this digital age, where originality seems to be muddled with overused influences, Leif has paved his own personal path, all the while keeping his work popular through sheer accessibility.

Aqueous Chroma

I look forward to discovering more of Podhajsky’s psychedelic digital works in the future and would actually like to take a moment now to personally thank him for doing what he does best: exploring and exposing everyone’s mind on an electronical front.

Sparkly from Young Magic on Vimeo.

Live Visual Clip for Young Magic’s single, ‘Sparkly’



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