It’s funny how easy it is these days to discover sweet fashion treasures from all over the world on the World Wide Web. I recently learned of the ethereal collections of Alexandra Grecco after browsing through comments on a photo shoot I had posted on my personal blog.  Alexandra had left me the sweetest comment which led to me following her own blog, which in turn introduced me to her very wonderful fashion creations.

Grecco’s young clothing line provides today’s women with a strong connection to the glamour of the roaring 20’s, the golden Hollywood era, and modern aesthetics that fuse all of these wonderful characteristics together in romantic, wearable pieces.

Her penchant for pale color palettes flatters a plethora of skin tones and is the perfect complement to any wardrobe, regardless of season. I’m particularly inspired by the way in which she melds all my favorite eras of fashion (1920-60’s) into collection with a bit of a modern twist–ensuring that these pieces are sure to stand the test of time themselves. I can only dream of wearing her Spring 2011 Collection this season and for many years to come.

Alexandra Grecco is a definite designer to watch in the ever-changing, fickle world of fashion.  She may be a bit ‘under the radar’ now, but with her talent and exquisite eye for detail, I truly foresee her collections surpassing the notoriety of the old Hollywood fashions that originally inspired this work.

Alexandra Grecco Fall 2010 from Karina Cifuentes on Vimeo.


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