There’s something going on with the American flag right now. All politics aside, labels aren’t hesitating to show pops of patriotism lately…

Of course there was this season’s whole Balmain controversy regarding the fashion house’s Embellished Flag-Print Silk Tank, which is essentially a hole-ridden, burned American flag tank top, safety pinned at the seams. And, of course, the piece sold out in record time on Net-A-Porter, at $1,515 a pop no less. There is currently another more toned down version (also by Balmain) available, however, which bears the more toned down price of $654, ahem.

Full disclosure: Generally, I don’t see myself sporting something that portrays the American flag. But, then again, sometimes I see these pieces styled so well… that I don’t mind it. In fact, I kind of like it. Take, for example, a pair of vivid red skinnies (a must-have item of the moment) paired with Wildfox’s America Tee and a sharp brown platform. Smart. Or, with a pair of white skinnies and black moto boot(ie)s!

Whether you’re a wearer or appreciator, of red state or blue, you certainly don’t have to wait for July 4th to flash a bit of flag this year. Oh, and keep in mind, too, that this is all very music fest fashion-compatible. Rip ‘em up a bit if you’re feeling extra rebellious.

1. Balmain American Flag Tank, $645
2. Wildfox America Unisex Crew Tee, $77
3. Topshop Moto Multi Patched Flag Print Skinny Jeans, $90
4. Converse American Flag Boot, $44

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