Coco de Coeur, the budding clothing line created by scene queen (and native Philadelphian!) Audrey Kitching, proves that punk is not dead. Or is it? Let’s get a visual going. Kitching’s sweet selection of tees is modeled by girls with cotton candy pink hair and heavy brows, alongside boys donning eyeliner who sport brash statements muddled amongst devilish doll heads and inverted crosses; this line puts forth and lets out inner rebel yells such as Wasted YouthPunk Rock RuinedMe, and Teenage Wasteland, to name a few…

Sure, the shirts look totally DIY-able, but that’s the point–and part of the inspiration behind the line. Remember how the relentlessly cool Joan Jett fashioned her own Sex Pistols tee out of an old shirt, spray paint, angst, and safety pins? Well, save yourself some time and snap up one of these instead. At a mere $35, it’s totally worth the two hours of your life you’ll get back to… oh… start a RIOT!

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4 responses to “COCO DE COEUR: PUNK IS(N’T) DEAD!

  1. The “Coco de Coeur” line of clothing will definitely let one’s “inner rebel” out! 🙂

  2. Audrey Kitching rocks!! I love her, and of course, coco de coeur is the best choice to put into your closet!!!

  3. No sé qué decir. Este blog es maravilloso. Eso no es realmente una declaración realmente masiva, pero el único que podía llegar a la derecha después de leer esto. Ya sabes lo mucho sobre este tema. De manera tan significativa para asegurar que produce me dan ganas de saber mucho más sobre él. Su blog es mi trampolín, mi amigo. Gracias por las cabezas para arriba en este tema

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