I first fell in love with budding jewelry designer Candace Ang merely by happenstance as I was scouring the ‘net in search of the perfect items to add to my holiday wishlist (Psst: Friends and fam, the Quill Bracelet is still available and I’d still very much like it). Then, not long thereafter, I scooped up my very first piece in one of Lucky Magazine‘s flash sales, and have henceforth incorporated it into my daily accessory rotation–which says a lot because I don’t wear a whole lot of accessories.

What initially drew me to Ang’s jewelry line is it’s effortlessly chic vibe and its organic designs. Ang’s pieces are truly like nothing I’ve seen before, which is exactly what she is going for. Candace herself admits that amidst a sea of emerging jewelry designers, the biggest hurdle to overcome is setting oneself apart by creating something truly unique, all the while remaining true to one’s personal aesthetic. Well, she has succeeded, in leaps and bounds, with a F/W collection that’s fixed to thrill

Industrial black ombré metal mesh creates a sweet marriage when paired with intricately wrapped fabrics in Mediterranean hues, and all with just enough bling sprinkled in to catch the eye, not blind it. Talons, of both the avian and precious stone variety, show their sweet side when strung up with cascading, delicate chains and jewels. I love Candace’s use of geometric symmetry, oftentimes showcasing concentric shapes to further emphasize the pure beauty of her featured gems, but all the while keeping lines simple enough to allow the eye to appreciate every aspect of the piece.

If you see something you like, I suggest snapping it up–pronto. This babe’s baubles are currently being featured in collections by Mary Katrantzou and Fremont, with select pieces available at mega-hip outpost, Urban Outfitters. So get in while the gettin’s good, my friends, because this is one girl who is definitely set for fashion stardom.

Shop the collection online here and at stylish boutiques throughout the US. Full selection coming soon. Photographs provided courtesy of candaceang.com


  1. Cool jewelry! Very unusual and chic! Thanks, Natalie! You are my “fav”! 🙂

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