Ok, you may or may not be into shoe art (although highly probable if you are trolling VG); but for the sake of this post, we’re not just talking about art in the form of shoes, we’re talking about art depicting shoes. We ask you: Have you ever wondered what the proper birth names of your precious little shoe children were? Well, if the answer is yes, we’ve stumbled upon your official go-to shoe classification chart, right here.

Why not use this as a handy shopping guide while scavenging for shoes on, or simply hang it on your foyer wall for all your shoes (and guests) to admire? This simple but clever print hails all the way from Brazil, by artist Niege Borges. Borges sells her prints on Etsy for $16 (alright fine, plus $20 shipping to the US—details, details); this one bears a glossary of sorts (ahem) of every classic shoe style out there. And really, you’ve got to give this girl some credit for her thoroughness; she’s even added the infamous Alexander McQueen Lobster Clawbrilliant!


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