VG had the recent pleasure of previewing some of the most exciting experimental jewelry we’ve yet to lay eyes on for this fall, and we have a hunch you too will soon be squealing with delight (and/or become helplessly consumed by wanton lust) with just a mere glimpse of the goodies Iosselliani has in store for you in their forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Collection.

As we suspected, the Italian designer duo held absolutely nothing back in the creation of this energetic, quirky collection of sweet, sculptural adornment. Within moments of entering NYC’s W29 Showroom we became instantaneously mesmerized by lively, eye-catching necklaces of seductive dripping jewels and chains, displayed alongside equally salacious earrings and cuffs crafted into visions of pure, surreal-like opulence.

Though there were many remnants of S/S 2011 (quartz, skulls and rhinestone strands) that permeated into A/W, the more serious, heavy palettes we’ve seen Iosselliani adhere to in the past were nowhere to be found. Instead, Autumn/Winter reveals a brighter, more flirtatious side of the designers who sum up this collection in three words: modern circus glamour. And that, it certainly is.

Explosive pops of jewel-tone brights intermix with gilded scarabs and a wild array of creatures. Clusters of chains web and weave into glitzy strands of multicolored rhinestones. Deer horn is even used in one of our favorite necklaces, offering a beautiful juxtaposition to the designers’ trademark burnished fringe chains. Whichever piece(s) you ultimately decide on, one thing is for sure–you’ll be a tough act to follow costumed in any of these bold, center stage, show-stopping works of art.

Now all that there’s left to do is wait.


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