It’s time to explore your dark ‘goth’ side with jewelry from Etsy seller Fable & Fury. These amazing laser-cut, stainless steel and plexi pieces offer a bit of something for everyone from the animal lover to the music enthusiast–and even a little something for those especially infatuated by Victorian-inspired adornment.

Necklaces and earrings paying homage to notable figures like David Bowie and Hunter S. Thompson are also among the abundant selection of pieces that make up Fable & Fury’s Etsy inventory, as are cute and slightly creepy creatures including Siamese twin deer and octo-humans. The most standout piece of the entire collection? That would most definitely be the Tom Waits necklace. Not surprisingly, however, this item’s been sold out for some time now–so you’d better get to that pre-ordering, ladies. You don’t wanna be left high and dry without your conversation piece of a necklace, am I right?

Left to right: ‘Inseparable’ Conjoined Twins Necklace, $26; ‘Fawned of You’ Conjoined Twin Deer Necklace, $26; Perched Raven Necklace, $26;




  1. Very creative, beautiful – reasonably priced – good gift idea. Thanks for the report.

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