So, I flip open a travel magazine and the first thing I see is Bono, in the middle of a field, carrying a massive Louis Vuitton luggage piece. Uhhhh? It was a very confusing moment for me. I then read below the ad to learn that the photo depicts Bono and his wife, both wearing Edun, his wife carrying a Louis Vuitton/Edun collaborative bag. Wait, what’s Edun? The what? The who?


Turns out, Edun is the label started by, you guessed it, Bono and his wife, Ali. In 2005. Jeez, I really dropped the ball on this one. Anyway, you’ll also be shocked to learn that this is an ‘ethical’ line, encouraging trade with Africa by manufacturing all of its pieces there, in factories which must adhere to a code of conduct and which are audited on a bi-annual basis. Interesting, right?

I’ll admit, I didn’t want to like this line when I initially found out about it, but I do like a number of its pieces. Prices are on the high side (and by that I mean $198 shorts), but I am really digging the practical palettes and, oftentimes, unexpected yet classic construction. A lot of these items can be described as nice go-to pieces with a bit of an edge. Who can’t use something like that?

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