Talk about a conversation piece. The creations of LA-based duo (and sisters) Karen and Gina Koenig, aka Unearthed, are timeless in design yet undeniably unique in material. This is that type of piece created to be coveted. Unearthed offers an array of items ranging from belt buckles to business card holders, but our favorites in the shop are by far the cuffs.

Maybe it’s just us… but the mere thought of sporting some stingray seems mighty exciting. In addition, there are also cuffs (lined in both silver and gold) made of snakeskinostrich, and the eternally classic leather and suede, available for purchase. The Koenig sisters swear by the quality of their materials, never opting for embossed leathers, but for a perfectly pure product, straight from the earth. The whole concept is very exotic and luxurious. Again: mighty exciting. And with most pieces under $100, we are spotting some seriously sweet spring treats–in every color of the rainbow—right around the corner.

1. Metallic Silver and Crimson Genuine Snakeskin Cuff, $60
2. Pumpkin Orange Stingray Silver Capped Cuff, $60
3. Canary Yellow Metallic Lizard Leather Cuff, $70
4. Lime Green Polished Stingray Cuff, $70
5. Metallic Blue Streaked Stingray Cuff, $110
6. Dark Violet Purple Patent Leather Cuff, $50
7. Distressed Winter White Genuine Ostrich Leather Cuff, $95


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