Jane D’Arensbourg‘s art is the perfect mix of what could be described as minimalistic futurism. Beautiful glass ensembles set against subtle ambiances elevate you into a world where we are as fragile as a work of art, but uncommonly daring as primitive animals. Jane’s installations too, create a significant meaning in inconspicuous space making us realize just how delicate our surroundings truly are.

The jewelry made by D’Arensbourg is composed of some of the most durable materials you could possibly imagine and then are constructed to appear extremely fragile. Each piece of pyrex glass is carved, then curled around porcelain–a pleasing and unexpected combination (and manipulation) of textiles that’s not seen too often in jewelry-making.  The design of D’Arensbourg’s pieces have the ability to seemingly transform us into ‘goddesses from the future,’ while giving us the sense we are also grounded in nature, with the fluid and organic shapes she manipulates, as well as with the earthy materials from with she works .

See more of D’Arensbourg’s work by visiting her online shop and blog here.

Photos provided courtesy of janedarensbourg.com


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