It’s no big secret that VG is infatuated with Dries Van Noten. With every collection presented, he always finds a way to intrigue the onlooker on a higher level, consistently pumping out what we’ve come to expect and then topping it off with a few surprises along the way–his most recent show being no exception. From herringbones to silks, metallic wovens to psychedelic brocades, the Belgian designer proved, once and for all, his mastery of just about every kind of fabric, playing with pattern and juxtaposing in the most unusual of ways. Van Noten has always clung close to clean, modern lines, menswear inspired-pieces—heavy on the YSL, if you ask us. However, the A/W 2012 Dries Van Noten Collection recently put forth in Paris did take us by surprise, just a little bit…

An extremely confident woman, a liberal woman (his words, not ours), can certainly pull these outfits off. As for the average American… the jury may still be out (meh, speak for yourselves). Reviewers who witnessed the collection firsthand also noted that while the show may have been a bit off-balance, the vibrant patterns and Van Noten’s incredible attention to detail allow each garment come alive off the runway. Dries, in his usual manner, keeps silhouettes simple, and at times, quite conservative (a point of criticism for some), but that’s exactly why we love him. Take a peek, and judge for yourself.

I think it’s clear where VG stands on the matter.

Photos provided courtesy of W Magazine


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