An exhibition featuring the creations of Italian artist Roberto Capucci, Art into Fashion, has arrived at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and will be sticking around through June 5. The exhibition will feature Capucci’s gorgeous designs starting with the beginnings of his career in the 1950’s (Dior was the first to recognize his work), up until the era of his signature sculpture dresses.

If you’re not familiar with Capucci’s work, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even though the man has been deemed the Givenchy of Rome, sadly, we don’t hear his name uttered as often as we should. But why? Partly, because Mr. Capucci shows his work only once a year, and partly because he simply doesn’t wish to mingle in the infamous Italian RTW fashion party. Capucci has always been opposed to mass production and he sees himself as an artist, not as a designer. He explains,

I don’t consider myself a tailor or a designer but an artisan looking for ways of creating, looking for ways to express a fabric, to use it as a sculptor uses clay.

Gazing at Capucci’s creations, it becomes quite clear why he sees himself as more of a sculptor than as a designer or tailor. The designs are clearly quite architectural, and in fact, most of them are not made to be worn at all. These are true works of art with serious WOW-factor that are simply made to be admired. And if these pieces don’t wow you, frankly, I’m not sure what will. Capucci is a curious character and somewhat of a fashion outsider in that he shies away from the likes of billboards and magazine covers and is adamantly opposed to sucking up to supermodels. Instead, Capucci prefers to show his designs in the context of a museum and chooses princesses, opera singers, and Italy’s first ladies (not to mention Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe) over the likes of Kate Moss or Lara Stone.

This exhibition has been featured all over Europe, (Florence, Venice, London, and Vienna), and now, it has finally arrived Stateside–and Philadelphia’s Museum of Art is the first to receive the honor of titillating American fashion lovers and art lovers alike. The exhibition features 83 pieces and tickets are $22; you can purchase them here or by calling (215) 235-SHOW (ex. 7469). Do not miss this! I’ll be there. Will you?

Photos provided courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Diane Pernet



  1. a client of mine just gave me a v.i.p. pass to check this out!!!!
    i’m so excited and cant wait to see all these beauties in person.

  2. Let us know when you’re gonna check that out. Group trip!

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