No, not that kind of addiction, sorry guys.

Let’s talk about the newly released commercial for the Dior Addict campaign featuring Kate Moss. First off, I think you’ll be flabbergasted and shocked to learn that this 90-second clip is all about… being beautiful and glamorous. But really, would you expect anything less from the combined efforts of Dior and Moss? Never. Anyway, the ad follows Ms. Moss as she makes the long, strenuous journey from her swanky apartment digs all the way to Dior’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway show, whisking down Parisian streets, posing seductively in the back of a chauffeured car, as music by Duran Duran buzzes energetically in the background…

Although the commercial does appeal to me, I must admit that I am way more interested in the shoes featured than in the new lipstick. They are absolutely to-die-for. Case in point: the peep toe lace ankle boot displayed on the table. If you are swooning for these as I am, rejoice in some good news, ladies: the boots are plucked straight from Dior’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, and were originally priced for $1,050 at Dior boutiques, but now are on SALE at Neiman Marcus for a mere $472. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way vouching for their affordability, but hey, they are a bit more ‘in reach’ now, aren’t they? So if you’ve got some spare cash to shred, snag these babies up and enjoy them, glamour queen, for you and me both!


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