Missoni Brugge Crochet-Knit Swimsuit, $715

The arrival of March brings with it things like plans for springs break and that ever-intensifying anticipation of summer lurking right around the corner. And, for most, warm weather means… bathing suit season. Generally speaking, you must have one thing when it comes to swimwear: a go-to one or two piece that fits you properly, in a solid color that flatters your skin tone. But, in addition to that, you’re also going to have the vanity suit meant more for lounging than swimming, and which probably costs a weeee bit more than your tiny triangle bikini. I haven’t indulged myself in a while, but right now, I am seriously eyeing some beautiful crochet pieces. Keep in mind, we’re about to enter a spring season sprinkled with the 70s, one that is more earthy than seasons past–one with a little bit of Americana thrown in. This means that the current selection of these suits is better than ever, and I’ve definitely found more than a few candidates worthy of my own closet…

Left to rightFree People Crochet One Piece, $148; Victoria’s Secret Crocheted Monokini, $184; Undrest Crochet Swimsuit, $249

Left to rightRampage Ruffle Crochet String Top and Bottom, $36; Tigerlily Crochet Bikini, $154; Missoni Banares Crochet-Knit Bandeau Bikini, $475

Now, in a perfect world, I’d have insane amounts of discretionary income to blow on Missoni (swimsuits–and everything else). Unfortunately, I live in the real world, where hunting down less expensive inspiration pieces is slightly more plausible than purchasing a 700-dollar bikini (not that they’re not worth every penny). What’s great about crochet is, no matter the brand, it’s going to visually render the piece more refined, more finished–more expensive looking. I love that. When it comes down to it, my ultimate favorite has got to be the amazing crochet cutout one-piece, like this one by Free People. Yes, I know, it’s a lot of look. But when it works, it works true jaw-dropping sexy wonder.

Now. Where’s that Thighmaster…


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