Desert Rose Porcupine Quill Tassel Earrings, $120

Isis Noir Onyx and Porcupine Quill Necklace, $225

Amber Moon Silver and Brass Ring, $95

The moment I discovered the work of Rejoice the Hands, I did just that–rejoiced with my hands at all of the magical treasures to be beheld in Ana Saldana’s gift-to-the-world in the form of an Etsy shop.

Based in Santa Ana, California, Saldana creates pieces ‘not only inspired by nature, but by man and the diversity of cultures around the world.’ RTH draws inspiration from the ancient Egyptians to the Zuni. Each of her pieces is infused with distinct and sophisticated personality along with a sort of a mystical charisma, coupled with the power to draw your eye in as quickly as you are able to snap your thumb and forefinger together.

Zuni Turquoise Arrowhead Ring, $110

Gypsy Goddess Porcupine Quill Fringe Necklace, $160

Gold Elk Double Bezel Antler and Onyx Ring, $180

Ahh and yes, RTH has even covered all its bases when it comes to the things I’m truly a sucker for (a lot of which will be popping up this spring in the jewelry arena): porcupine quills, arrowheads, amber, turquoise and quartz—oh my! And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that RTH is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (it was meant to be), plus a steamy 5% off for a limited time with promo code ‘DesertSun’—use it during checkout and expect to spend anywhere from $70-318 per piece. To view the entire Rejoice the Hands S/S 2011 Collection, make sure you clicky.

Photos provided courtesy of Rejoice the Hands


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