In a perfect world, we would all have Laura Laine’s job. The woman has clearly got it together, on all fronts, and VG loves her for it. Laine’s lithe, nymph-like creations have graced the pages of The New YorkerMuse MagazineElle, and New York Magazine. They’ve also made appearances in ads for the likes of Hugo Boss and Escada, among others, and have even served as models for  collections by Zara and H&M.

What sets Laine apart from her contemporaries is that she consistently stays true to her style. In an age where we’re eager to morph into the next big thing, it’s so refreshing to witness an artist really develop and hone in on her techniques with each new project. Laine’s illustrations for Wunder Store, in Finland, are downright striking. It amazes me how one can sketch with such precise, yet delicate, fine lines. Phrases like intricate detailing and elongated figures simply scratch the surface of what is truly remarkable about Laine’s work. When an artist manages to weave melody–yes, sound–into a two-dimensional plane, we’re not just talking ads for perfume and sunglasses anymore. As onlookers, we are able to follow Laine’s figures as they dance across the page because they are playful and peculiar; we observe their coy expressions as they sit pensive on a dog balloon and we marvel as they Vanna White a bottle of Prada cologne. Rapunzel-like hair crescendos over the figures’ 40’s-inspired blouses, as we ultimately forget–for a mere moment–that this is an advertisement at all.

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  1. Amazing artistic detail and creativity. Thanks for reporting on these illustrations.

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