Recently, Prabal Gurung truly took New York Fashion Week by storm with a collection the designer deemed inspired by Miss Havisham of Great Expectations. Well, no offense to Prabal, but his electrifyingly awesome fall 2011 collection didn’t exactly scream Havisham to me. It was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but when I think of Miss Havisham, I picture a woman mostly resembling Anne Bancroft from Alfonso Cuarón’s 1998 cinematic version of the novel (I can’t help it), but with a little shot of Victorian vixen—straight up. But that’s just me.

Where as Gurung’s collection boasts beautiful, vivid shades of red and pink, Havisham herself is more of a wilted flower. I think that muted tones, of some sort, are key. Even better: with a floral motif. Watching the film, it quickly becomes clear that Cuarón is OBSESSED with the color green, and I like this color choice as an homage to Havisham’s bloom gone, well, gangrene. Contrast with a red or fuschia lip and show off a pearly complexion that highlights your mouth and eyes—heavy on the liquid liner. Up top, I like a more flow-y look—go for something like a silk tunic or a top with a dolman sleeve. Pair with a tight pant like white skinnies (ode to the abandoned bride) to avoid the frump, and finally, add in a neutral-colored shoe. I actually think a nude pump could be the pièce de resistance of this look; it’s what takes the whole thing to another (more modern) level. A feminine kitten heel and/or pointed toe would certainly seal the Havisham deal, but really any nude will do.

Now, who says fictional neurotic spinsters can’t sow the seeds of style in the 21st century? The world is a magical place…

1. Damask Dandy Bridal Steampunk Vintage Style Shrug, $45
2. Topshop Green Tie Front Printed Tunic, $80
3. Kate Spade New York Metropolitan Pearls Triple, $105
4. SM Women’s Alludde Pump, $70
5. Just Cavalli Blouse, $130
6. Dior Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick, $26
7. MAC Liquid Eye Liner, $18
8. NARS The Multiple, in Copacabana, $39
9. James Jeans Reboot Skinny Boot Cut Jeans, $163

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