Mr. Alexander Wang was up to his usual tricks with his 2011 Fall/Winter Collection, which recently made its debut at New York Fashion Week. Wang more than made up for any lack of black in his Spring 2011 Collection, but also managed to throw in some greys and nudes to keep things interesting.

Overall, this show was one of great juxtapositions–voluminous coats with drainpipe pants. Legwarmers with stiletto heels. Fur-lined sunglasses. Asymmetrical hemlines with well-balanced tops. It was a true testament to Wang’s ability to design simple clothing with enough complication so as not to bore buyers or spectators. Delving even deeper, this collection was also a poke at the world of fashion and its obsession with over-the-top decadence and luxury (Wait, fur blazers aren’t a typical part of everyone’s wardrobe?!).

Perhaps, though, the reason that Wang’s clothing speaks to me so much (and I am 110% sure I am not the only one who feels this) is the fact that he seems to understand a very specific type of woman–one who wants to be comfortable, yet fashionable. Feminine, yet edgy. Sound like anyone you know? Well done, Mr. Wang, well done.


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