I’ve always considered Paris Fashion Week to be my ultimate fave, but I must say that this season’s New York shows are giving every fashion house in the world a helluva run for their money. My favorite show so far? Rodarte. With sweet styling and superb tailoring, the Mulleavy sisters knocked Fall 2011 straight out of the ball park. High necklines accentuated floor-length coats and dresses that are sure to make any woman feel ten feet tall, while neutral pastels brought forth a breath of fresh air countering the more typical dark palettes customary to fall. 

I can’t decide whether I like the precisely tailored outerwear or free-flowing silk gowns better–both present such a wonderful juxtaposition. By now, you all know I am a sucker for sparkly embellishments, but the beautiful embroidery in these pieces has me yearning for crisp mornings in country fields. There is, of course, just enough bling to offset any predictability from Rodarte’s previous collections, which is what caught my eye in the first place…

Overall, this collection leaves me feeling both refreshed and encouraged to incorporate a bit of glamour mixed into/with the more practical pieces in my wardrobe once the weather begins to change again next fall. Until then, though, I’ll be looking forward to many a futuristic Native American-inspired print this spring!

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