As à propos as can be, literary-chic stronghold Anthropologie just launched its long-awaited bridal offshoot, BHLDN, on Valentine’s Day. Brides-to-be everywhere, please join me in giving up a big “Awwwwwww.”

Floral Artwork Dress, $1,800

Fondant Tea Dress, $600

Greenbow Lace Dress, $600

BHLDN, which stands for Beholden, was inspired by the Dutch word houden: to keep. This is truly a gorgeous collection that, albeit rather small at the moment, offers up something for everyone–especially given its pleasing price range of $600-$4,000. These aren’t the gowns you’ll find at David’s Bridal or that little shop down the street–or anywhere, for that matter. These are the gowns of our dreams—whether for the flower children, for the old Hollywood glamour girl, or even for the couture collector.

Tulle Era Dress, $2,600

Ribboned Silk Gown, $1,600

Zinnia Dress, $1,800

BHLDN takes pride in producing heirloom-quality wedding gowns so that each and every bride will have a truly personal look, putting forth mixes of unexpected fabrics and hues, as well as little, hidden details. While these dresses are pre-made to order, they are constructed in such a way that allows for easy alterations (or even additions), so there’s really no need to fret too much about placing an online order for your most special frock. I’ve included a few of my favorites from the line, but I urge you to take a stroll through the entirety of the website, where you’ll find a bevy of breathtaking shoes, boleros, and hair adornments. And, if/when I ever get (re)married, you bet your something borrowed and something blue I will be shopping here!


  1. Beautiful, sweet, delicate wedding dresses! (Reminds me of something my darling, gorgeous daughter would like.) Love the shoes, also – so dear and delicate. Thanks for the sweet review, Natalie – didn’t know about this line from Anthropologie! Keep up your excellent writing abilities! 🙂

  2. Your review of the wedding dresses from Anthropologie was wonderful! Thanks!

  3. anne mathay

    these are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful, awesome creations! Outside the wedding “tradition box” has never been so fabulously elegant.!

  5. it’s about damn time!

  6. Thanks, everyone 🙂 These dresses do *kinda* make me wish I was gettng married. Or attending a fab party at the very least ❤

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