On Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, I was indeed expecting something extraordinary from Lady Gaga, but clearly didn’t expect the woman to arrive in an egg (or to be carried down the red carpet by men adorned in semi-transparent, yellow zip-lock baggied maxi dresses accompanied by some sort of beautiful alien temptress person). But wait… this is no ordinary giant egg. It’s couture. Yes, the egg that bore our blessed lady was created by my favorite Turkish/British designer, Hussein Chalayan–the veritable pioneer of high-tech couture. So I suppose it’s not too much of surprise that Chalayan jumped on-board with Gaga, designing this custom egg piece (errrr) just for the occasion, along with Mortiz Waldemeyer.

But why? WELL. The egg was created in an effort to help promote Philips‘s new SKIN: Dresses line, which consists of garments that can sense its wearer’s emotions and, somehow, magically allow the person to express his or her emotions and personality–through the dress? Uhm, or something…

Now, am I the only one left feeling both lost and frightened at the thought of this electronic textile development? My mind is officially blown.

Photo provided courtesy of justjared.com


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