Valentine’s Day is almost here, but let’s not forget that the month of February also marks the noble cause of American Heart Month. Whether you’re preparing to pour your heart out to a sweetheart (or lack thereof), or simply want to raise awareness about joining the fight against heart disease, I am sure you will not be able to go anywhere without seeing red.

I’m the kind of girl who swears by my mostly black, grey, and navy wardrobe, but I readily admit that red holds a huge place in my heart. So here is an ode to the color that adds an instant, fire-flavored pop that’s sure to draw eyes in. And how about a toast? To lots of love and good health this February, and beyond!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Two Timer Shoes, $182
2. Tree & Kimball Helen Necklace, $42
3. Marc Jacobs Josephine Dot Top, $328
4. Urban Outfitters Motel Gina Dress, $88
5. Anthropologie Delicate Drafts Cardigan, $98
6. Bettie Page Car Cruise Pants, $105
7. Topshop Waterfall Drape Shorts, $70
8. Michael Kors Hamilton Bag, $148



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