Happy Valentine’s, happy, happy Valentine’s! Let us not forget, the time is drawing near, and romantic plans for your beau (or soon-to-be) will soon need to come into focus. That’s where I come in…

If you’re like me, you don’t pay an absurd amount of attention to Valentine’s Day apart from that nagging once-a-year desire for a dozen tulips—capped off with a fantastic meal, of course. The best part of my Valentine’s Day is that he decides, and that thoughtfulness always translates into a fantastic night. So, wondering where you too might grab some orgasmic V-Day grub? Here are my top three Philly eats for your fast-approaching, deliciously satisfying night out on the town:

1. Bistrot La Minette 623 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Chef Peter Woolsey makes you feel right at home in France at this delightfully chic little spot in Queen Village. I would recommend this restaurant to those with pockets on the deeper side, but La Minette is also an ideal spot to round out your night with a bit of wine and dessert too. Just about everything on the menu is heavenly, though I recommend the escargots de Bourgogne (first course), the poulet farci aux lardons et à la sauce citron (main course), and finally, the gâteau l’opéra (dessert). Remember that it’s never too early to book your reservation, space is filling up fast.

Pssst. Word on the street has it that La Minette will be celebrating the day of love for three whole days: Saturday, February 12 through the 14th–look out for some particularly festive offerings then.

2. Seafood Unlimited 270 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA
All you need to know about fish and more! Attentive and warm staff along with all-around superior service pushes Seafood Unlimited a notch above its local Rittenhouse Square competitors, in my humble opinion. The charmingly chaotic atmosphere is overseen by the husband and wife team of David and Judi Einhorn, who do a wonderful job of keeping dining energetic yet intimate, with every dish just as delectable as the last. For all you seafood connoisseurs out there, this is a place not to be missed!

3. Mercato 1216 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA
Not sure about your date? Go BYOB at Mercato if you plan on keeping your bar tab on the DL. This Italian-inspired restaurant focuses on slow cooking but believe me, it’s worth the wait. Mercato is also currently offering a V-Day Special: five courses for $65! How could you say non?

Photos provided courtesy of kaboose.com, phillymag.com, and uwishunu.com


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