Perhaps it’s the ridiculously low temperatures that have been making my thoughts turn to daydreaming of swimsuits–something I generally want to run away from like the bubonic plague. Despite my natural inclinations to want to avoid these aforementioned articles of clothing (and torture, in my opinion), Australian swimsuit brand We Are Handsome has remained on my list of “things to buy when I have $300 to spare” for over a year now. The brand recently debuted its latest collection, entitled The Aviary, which in all honesty, is compelling me to spend irresponsibly for days.

Each print from this collection has been custom designed and represents a unique mythical bird from various ancient world mythologies. Another point of interest is the production process; these brightly colored suits have been “placement printed.” What, pray tell, is placement printing? It means that each set of feathers printed on the swimsuit has no repeat patterns, giving you a bathing suit that literally no other sunbathing beauty on the beach will have. Wait! There is one more thing that has me going gaga for this swimwear: the cuts. While the brand certainly does make some less than ample bikinis, they have also managed to craft one-piece swimsuits that are sexy, yet sure to stay in place while you’re doing your share of romping around in those warm, summer waves.

Check out the We Are Handsome website for a list of online retailers and select locations in NYC and California.


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